Westlake Village Home

Perched on a hill with breathtaking views of the Conjeo Valley, this home was an exciting project because of its untapped potential. With such an amazing backdrop to work with, the challenge was to skillfully transform the landscape without overpowering everything else. Many homes fall into the trap of structures, plants, or trees being added to such a degree that the tranquility and peace is lost amidst the clutter of ‘design’. Here we allowed edges to drop away to nothing, for wide expanses of grass to go unbroken, and we placed trees and plants in a way that framed the views rather than impeded them. A pool blends into the side of the hill, high enough to look out over the canyon but secluded enough to be able to relax in the hot tub. Everything is placed with the intention of showcasing the beauty around this home and allowing one to take a step back and enjoy a moment of peace.

Besides adding to the beauty, we put in quite a few features that make this home as functional as it is beautiful. Next to the pool we placed a guest house that is a natural extension of the home. Surrounded by latices covered in vines and flowers, the guest house appears to be blending into the landscape, providing a transition from home to yard. Between the guest house and the home, a large split level patio was added. On the upper level a complete outdoor kitchen with both gas and charcoal BBQs allows the cook to look out over the yard while entertaining his guests. Next to the kitchen is the outdoor dining table and on the lower level we placed a brick fireplace with large comfortable chairs surrounding it.

When entering the home from the street, we designed a brick driveway lined by trees and flowers. As you approach the home, your eyes are drawn to a beautiful maple tree that towers above the rest. Along the path to the front door is a contemporary fountain custom built into the ground. Another water feature nearly 60 feet long is built into the side of the hill. Made from broken stone, this stunning fountain has water cascading along its length, providing a calming sound that greets you as you go make your way to the front door.

In every corner of this home there is something beautiful to discover. From the rose and herb garden to the secluded seating areas overlooking the canyon, we succeeded in building a landscape that will be both a comfort and full of surprises for years to come.