Westlake Village Home

Designing a yard that is pleasing to both adults and children is one of the toughest challenges for a designer. Balancing beauty, functionality, and safety into a cohesive theme takes experience and talent.

As with most yards, the pool is the focal point of any design and where most of the activity happens. We decided to take that idea up a few dozen notches. A simple pool became a lagoon with a large wading area, rock spa, and 20 foot waterfalls. That wasn’t quite enough so we added a 115 foot underground water slide and a 15 foot jumping rock. To avoid the water park look, we made sure that it blended in with the rest of the yard by incorporating plants and design elements throughout.

Most pool houses are stand alone structures that seem out of place. For this design we tucked the pool house into the overhanging rock, creating a natural feel, almost as if it was carved into the hillside. With plenty of room for deck chairs, a BBQ area with pizza oven, and a trampoline dug into the ground, the backyard transported you into another world, like being on vacation without having to leave your house.